About Us

We are a growing family and Medal Mode is our venture into blending a few of our favorite things in life; running, design and entrepreneurship.

Dad has been a runner since first taking to it 15 years ago to burn off the stress of his first real world job. Nowadays he runs 2 marathons a year and works in product development in Madison, WI.

Mom was a high school track star and has done her fair share of half and full marathons over the years. Running together was one of the things that helped grow their relationship and keep things in perspective over a marriage that is going into its 11th year.

This product is the result of many years of stashing medals in a drawer and thinking "there has to be a better way!". Having access to design and prototyping tools through his day job allowed Steve to experiment with different ways to put medals where they belong - On Display! The design hit its stride late last year and became the Medal Mode in early 2017.

We hope to bring a fun product to runners all over and extend into making custom badges for all the great races. We can always be reached at steve@medalmode.com and kim@medalmode.com. Thanks for your support and here's to a great run!

  <-- Our first race together many years ago. I let her win :) or did I...